Here’s what our families have to say…

The Staff is GREAT! The ladies have a lot of patience with my little one.


We are so happy that Rory is at MWFD. It is definitely the right place for him. The staff has been so wonderful, friendly and nurturing. He has made some nice friends and is very happy. Miss Karen is the perfect fit for Rory.


You are doing a great job! I can see that you haven’t lost your touch over the past 6 years. So glad that #3 can be a part of Ducklings community!Everyone has gone out of their way to make my daughter feel welcome. She started (mid-year)-thank you! Special thanks to Ms. Kim, Ms. Leona and Ms. Elyse!


I cannot say enough about all the special activities that take place at MWFD. All holidays are celebrated with fun activities and special treats that are made or brought in to celebrate. I applaud the school for the lack of technology and the emphasis on playing outside whenever possible. There is such a saturation of screens and it is a breath of fresh air to see the kids outside playing and being kids.

The focus on kindness is wonderful as it can be a lost virtue with the rise in communicating with a device and not face to face. Raising kids to be kind humans is such an important thing and the more they can learn about how to be kind, the better off our world will be.

Our family just loves all of the staff at MWFD and each staff member is so kind and loving. I could not think of a better environment for my child to be immersed in every day while learning and building her foundation of knowledge. Keep up the amazing work!


Thank you to all the staff for their hard work and dedication to making this program the best for our kids.

Ms. Pat has made it easy for Will to transition and excited to learn. All of the staff care about all of the kids and it shows. Thankful to Miss Pat, Miss Ann, Miss Robin for help with Will’s migraines and accidents.    


As a third year parent of children that attended Make Way for Ducklings, I am continually impressed by the hard work and dedication of all the staff members. I’m very grateful that my children have had such a positive preschool experience.


“Words can’t describe how thankful we are for all that Ducklings has done for our children and family  You have all been instrumental in helping them become the children they are.  We will always be thankful and remember our time with you fondly!  Thank you  Thank you Thank you!”       

Nicole and Erin

Outstanding!  Couldn’t say enough good things about MWFD!!  Thank you for all you do and I recommend MWFD to everyone in the area!!


The Entire Group of Staff Members are Extraordinary.  The Professionalism and sensitivity with the kids is wonderful!  Thank you for all you do!


I thank you so much for the years of caring and personal experiences that have made my children feel safe, loved and happy to go to school!  Your attentiveness has truly meant so much to us.


Liz loves Ms. Kim, She speaks about her all the time.


We really enjoy the program and think it’s a great place for our children to have begun their education. It is welcoming, nurturing and a good place for growth. We recommend to all friends.